Transforming interactive animals into captivating plant illustrations became a daily artistic endeavor in 2021! Using the versatile Procreate software, I brought these imaginative creations to life. In this ongoing drawing challenge, I took it a step further by crafting clever alliterations for each plant and animal, beautifully hand-lettered. I skillfully incorporated intricate patterns into the background to enhance the overall composition, depicting the animals’ natural habitats like grasslands, woods, and meadows.
Moreover, I conducted extensive research to understand each animal's dietary preferences and ingeniously represented their favored food item as the currency for their trade. Even in a world where human interactions were limited, these enchanting little creatures thrived, engaging in vibrant exchanges, playful disputes, and joyful sharing.
Simultaneously, I embarked on a journey of exploration into various economic concepts such as price-gouging, bitcoin, and the value of saving silver. I sought to expand my knowledge of sustainable practices within the comforts of my own home, uncovering methodologies like Kratky, permaculture, and preservation techniques.
These artistic pursuits allowed me to showcase my creativity and broaden my understanding of economic principles and environmentally friendly lifestyles, contributing to a well-rounded and fulfilling journey of self-improvement.
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